Coolant in Oil?

The oil should be the same color as it comes out of the bottle (brown) with little use going to black as the miles increase. It may take more than one change to flush it, so that sounds like a good plan.

I lost my footing in a very large water hole. It didnt look deep and I got stopped because the guy in front of me. I went to put my foot down and...well there were ATV ruts in it and down I went. It was waist deep and my leg was under the bike. I couldnt hit the kill switch and it ran untill it shut off. The wheels and engine were not in the water. Just me and the upper part of the bike. My friend came and pulled the bike off me and we checked it over. The air box had a little water droplets here and there but nothing major. We checked the oil before starting it and all looked good so we started it up and let it idle for 1 minute. Checked the oil and everything still good, so we rode slowly back to the truck for me to clean up as I was very very muddy. I was completely under water. Got to the truck and sure enough the oil was milky!

I flushed the oil 4 or 5 times to get it all out. The oil was milky the first 2 times I flushed it, but I only let it idle for a minute or two. So I decided to pull the side cases to make sure everything was ok and clean. I discovered the water entered thur the vent line from the airbox to the starter.

I pulled the vent line off to throughly clean it, and a good thing because it was full of mud and gunk! Then I pulled out the starter and cleaned it too. There was a little sediment of dirt/mud here and there tucked away in the side cases so I got all that out as well. Overall not much dirt or sediment got into the motor, thank goodness, but I got it all out. I flushed it 2 or 3 more times to be certain and because I can be a little OCD at times, but that can be a good thing with maintennace.

The carb was clean and everything else was good. So I fired it up and gentle rode it a little and made sure the clutch and everything was good. Then I made sure to get it out for a few long rides to circulate the oil really good and to get the motor heated up to burn off any moisture that may have remained.

I would pull your cases to see if you can determine where the water originated from. Check your vent lines by disconnecting "both" ends and blowing compress air thru them. Check the starter area too. It isnt very difficult and takes only 30 minutes or so to do.

Cool, I don't have a starter, so it will take me even less time. Thanks for the tip ohio. The output drive shaft that the front sprocket goes on had a bad seal and was leaking oil. If it can leak oil, then water can probably get in as well.

I appreciate all the help provided by you guys.

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