My review on the 2010 YZ

Well I will start by telling you about me then everyone can get an idea for themselves. I am coming off Kawasakis 06, 07, 08, and 09 Im 220#s 6'2" VetB,250B. I got to ride for the first time at an indoor track so there was no high speed sections so I can not comment on that. But I can say the YZ feels much lighter than my Kawi and it turns much better also, I never could really groove on my 09 like I could on my 06, 07, 08. When entering a turn it tracks very true and does nothing weird inside or outside lines, in fact you can switch lines with no effort. It falls into a rut very well and stays put as long as you do not wack the throttle open. The motor is very very strong on the bottom so you do have respect it! very little clutch usage. The midrange also is very strong and I really can not say much about the top end because the track was small. The bike is really comfortable and very easy to ride. I hope I feel the same as I do now when I get to ride outdoors! So far I am extremely pleased with my choice!

I can't wait to try mine. I was thinking about trying for the first time at arenacross, but I am currently riding a 250f and the power jump might make me too sketchy to be fast...or safe. It is nice to know someone in about my riding demographic was able to handle it indoors. I might be convinced to give it a whirl on a practice day.

the first time i rode mine, i was a bit dissapointed. it felt heavy, coming off my 09crf450.

The second time i rode it, it started to break in. and i was learning to do more things with it.

I'm still learning what this bike can do, its like, if youre used to riding other bikes, it takes time to try different things possible that youre not used to, because of your conditioned learning about past four strokes.

since the weight is concentrated in the center, it leaves both ends of the bike light. you can do things like two stroke manuvers like brake sliding, and it comes around fast and light. hit the throttle and the low end power picks it right up.

In the corners, pick any line you want, even if there is NO line. unlike other bikes that you need to be really precise on, you dont need to be precise here.

loose ground? just floor it through!

to me, this bike is more of a front end handler. the best position is forward over the bars. that might be due to setup, but i like this style. If you ever watch ashley fiolek in the turns, you know what i mean.

When you ride forward, you dont have a problem with the herky jerky power, as some complain about. because the bike is pushing you forward, instead of jerking you back.

The sound level is very quiet compared to my rs4 carbon on my 09crf.

sometimes i even wish it was louder, just for the feeling.

The more I ride it, the better it gets, by now im like, amped about how it handles, and the power, with lots of low end, you just ride it in one gear high,

and that stretches it out. or, ride it in the normal gear, and break ground like a two stroke(sort of). you dont need screaming top end on this.

im just beginning to understand this bike, and havent even dialed the suspension in good yet.

This thing is awesome, and you cant really get a good report from anyone that rode it only one time.

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