boots what to buy

Has anyone tried the Fox Tracker boots? Chaparral has them for $130.00 so I thought I'd look into them. Please feel free to give advice on others that would work. I am new to offroading so I don't want to spend a buttload of cash on something before I know what to expect. Thanks guys & gals.

I bought the A-star Vectors and have been pretty happy with them. People say they look like moonboots, but I think they are really comfortable and so far I still have two perfectly functioning ankles. Give them a shot, you will be pleasantly surprised. They keep he water out also.

Thanks for the advice, I am looking in the lower $100.00 price range though. I'm kind of up in the air on the Fox tracker. I looked at the pics and it seems the buckles are on the inside. All the others I have looked at are on the outside. Anyone tried Oneal Elements? There cheap but is the quality cheap too??

I have to say... I just bought the Alpinestar Tech 8s. Spent the $$, but it hurt. It's a lot of dough!


They are amazing. I don't know why I waited so long. I've been riding for 28 years or so... and it's by far the best boot I've slipped on!

Just Say No to the Oneal Element boots. Not foot friendly.

I bought a pair of SIDI boots - they were the last year's model and deeply discounted. Think I paid about $120.

I have Tech 8's and LOVE them. When I first started riding again I bought Thor T-20's. I felt they were great bang for the buck. I just got my son T-30's for Chistmas. These are excellent boots for the money. If you are on a budget(and who isn't) these are worth a look. :)

How about the MSR World Tour boots? They seem to be priced rather well?? Anyone, Anyone? I have Read good things about Aplinstars tech 6 and 8's but just don't have the dough to spend right now.

My son's first pair of boots were Oneal Elements and they were thrashed in less than 6 months. One of the guys who sometimes posted on this site (I won't mention his name) had a lower quality boot and hit his foot on a rock while trail riding with some friends. His shattered his ankle, broke his elbo and tore up his arm pretty bad. He ended up having surgery because of this accident, was off work for a while and ended up out of work shortly afterward. After this accident he was convinced that if he had paid a bit more upfront to get better boots that he would not have broken his ankle, had surgery, missed all that work and probably would not have lost his job. Some guys can get away with wearing tennis shoes all their lives without any problems, but you never know when your luck will run out.

Here's a couple more lower cost boots to check out from Sidi. I don't know much about these particular models, but Sidi is a good brand name known for high quality boots. I own both Sidi Stivali Tae Flex (not made anymore :)) and Alpinestar Tech 8's, but I like my Sidi's the best in terms of form, fit & function. Also keep an eye out on Ebay cause sometimes you may be able to get a good set of boots at a great price. Here's the links to the Sidi boots from Motonation.

Thanks, I have read many good threads on the SIDI boots, I'll look into them. :)

I own a pair of Fox Tracker boots, picked them up to ride in the American SuperCamp dirt track classes on XR100s. At the time I did not own a dirt bike, and they work pretty well buzzing around in a circle on a mini bike.

Once I bought my BRP I did not feel safe in the Trackers, they get VERY soft and do not offer much support. I picked up a pair of SIDI Force Flex SRS boots and LOVE THEM. They offer as much or more protection as an A-Star Tech 8 but still allow you to move your ankles.

Another option to look into is the A-Star M6 which is a good trail riding boot (ie nice comprimise between comfort and protection) And my buddy who works in a shop told me just today that A-Star is discontinuing the M6 so you should be able to find them in the Mid 100s (the shop my buddy works at is selling them for $165). And if you do get the M6 consider the Tech 8 replacement buckles, the M6 comes with cheap plastic ones but the Aluminum Tech 8 ones pop right on.

Hope this helps.

My vote gos to the gaerne RX2...


Quality, not pricey, comfort, comfort, comfort, comfort

Did I mention they are comfortable?

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