Lighter battery options 07 WR 450

is ebatt still around, I could not find them online?

Ebatt is gone.

I just got the Shorai LiPo. Fits the WR's fine, has the appearance of a stock battery and is a very nice product.

I spoke to Joe at TurnTech. He is going to have a version in a case to fit the WR's in a few weeks.

i put a turntech in my 08 WR450.. the 2.5 a/h version. layed on its side between two pieces of foam and zip tied down... works a treat

William1, which battery did you purchase. Was it the standard one for $110.00 they have three different ones available. They look really nice, just want to have enough power to start with no problems like when the speedo resets if not enough power. Thanks

All three batteries they sell will fit and fire the bike up.

The larger the battery, the better the reserve. If you DS your bike, have a full sized headlight and ride technical stuff, you'll find the larger battery is what you want. If your do not DS your bike and ride more out in the open and less starting/stopping, then the smallest will be fine. Look at the CCA of the OEM battery and compare to these LiPo's All three exceed OEM. The weight difference between them all is minimal. mostly it is the cost.

One of the big differences between Lead-Acid and LiPo is how they run down.

A lead-acid battery starts to immediately loose voltage when cranking. This is why as the battery gets obviously weak and the voltage drops, the speedo resets. Also, as the voltage drops, so does the strength of your spark, making matters worse. LiPo batteries output full voltage right up to the point of exhaustion then they go completely flat. The good part is, the bike cranks like a fully charged regular battery all the time, no matter how long and often you use it. The bad side is you do not know how much you have run it down until POW - it is dead.

Both battery types do not like to be run down.

Both do not like to be overcharged.

LiPo's are a little temperature sensitive and will not be happy after sitting out in sub zero temps. Once they warm up though they are fine - no side effects.

LiPo's hold their charge better. They often do not need a tender on them as they loose power at less than (I think) 6% of the rate that a regular battery does, meaning after 16 months, a LiPo battery will of lost as much 'juice' as a lead-acid battery will of lost in a single month.

These are the wave of the future.

mine fit... i cut down the foam in the bottom and used it to cushion each side.. then zip tied it down using the tray below... no bike is not fully uncorked :excuseme:


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