What's this? Cable coming from the clutch perch...

Ok guys just got my bike all cleaned up to sell this weekend at a show and shine but this piece broke... What's it do?


nuetral safety switch isn't it ?????

Oh... Must be. I gotta find a yamaha shop in Vegas now :banghead:

on my 06... that cable unplugs underneath the headlamp housing where everything else plugs in.... The retainer that holds it in is part of the switch....

I wired the 2 wires together. Then you have to remember to hold the clutch in when you start it in gear.

Just like the old days.

ok guys bringing this back up cause i couldn't find it on the OEM store... any clues on where to get one online?

PN7 - SWITCH 5TJ-82917-02-00

From the 'Handlebar Switch Lever' Fiche


ok thanks man :ride:

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