Big Gaps!


You are obviously a deranged individual who I should be avoiding like a poisonous reptile but I want to know how you built the ramp(s).

I’ve got a Cat trackloader and have thought about building large ramps and attempting suicide over them but I’ve never done anything like this (as is apparent by lack of physical handicaps) and would like some advice.


Hey Hick!

Thanks for the complement, I think?

The take off ramp is built from galvanized

steel tubing

it is 11 feet long, 4 feet wide, 7 feet tall

and heavy as @#!^.

I made it very similar to the Distler Bro's


the landing ramp was about 15 feet tall, not by design, it was the only hill in the pit big enough to land on.

I have a metal/plywood landing ramp in the works but after a season of mx, the cash is a bit thin so it’s on hold for a few more pay checks.

The other set back is my notchy clutch,

I have to take that apart and try to fix before this weekends arena x

Oh well sh^t happens.

The best advice I can give you is to take your time.

I have been jumping for 5 years and I raced mtb downhill for 6 years before that.

So I worked up to the bigger gaps a few feet at a time.

that way I was able to go to work Monday morning.

I’m 33 now and plan on jumping for many more years so I'm takin my time!

I hit that ramp for 2 1/2 hours that day

gettin comfortable with the gap

next Sunday I’m going to move it back another 10 feet and try to get comfortable with that distance

my goal is 100 feet!

Hope this helps,




Keep your stick on the ice!

Right on MikeOK

who says "white men cant jump"

i love to see the big 426 in the air

did u hear about metzger buyin 2 426s

yup! he is gonna be jumpin the 426 to the moon, and kikin some sick trix too!

if its cool with you ill post your pic on my site.




Keep your stick on the ice!


Thanks for the FMX link. I’m a decent welder and am considering building a ramp but have never seen one up close. And I also have a Cat and some wide open spaces, so I can be a self-contained FMX wanna-be. I can’t do ANY tricks except for a lame tail whip but have never really jumped far enough to try (I’ve never been on a real moto track).

I think the take off angle you use is a key decision (there are complete spec.s on the ramp listed).

But what material did you use for the ramp surface?

I’m 32 and used to race downhills on my Cannondale (but with limited success, and not for 6 years) when I was in college (and couldn’t afford a dirt bike). I think that and BMX as a kid really helped my dirt bike skills (if you wanna call ‘em that).

Thanks again. Be careful.


That’s a cool picture man.

the ramp surface is 3/4 inch marine grade plywood.

bmx and mtb are great for your balance and reflexes. i really like ridin my mtb in the winter for cross training.

we went a little overboard when welding,used gussets at all the joints, but better safe than sorry

hers a dirt landing ramp




Keep your stick on the ice!

Smitty, 100' is definitely doable! Be sure your suspension can handle it first. My personal record is a huge tabletop at Sunrise Cycle Park. I measured it at 105', and have overjumped it by 10-15', all in third gear. Today I was launching it at Perris Raceway, where they have a 90' double followed by a 100' double.

Scott F

my goal is 100 feet!

Now those are my kind of tracks!

I gotta get down to Cali soon.

Man u guys have all the cool s*ht!

Send me some pics dude.

Id love to see them.

Good luck with your goals Scott




Keep your stick on the ice!

I was quoting your goal! I didn't have a goal of jumping 100', it just happened! I would go bigger if I found a totally safe jump. I wouldn't mind shifting into fourth and hitting something long and low.

Originally posted by smitty33:

my goal is 100 feet!

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I have some good shots that need to be scanned. Here is a link to a couple at Perris from ten months ago. I'm the guy in the red jersey.

Send me some pics dude.

Id love to see them.


Scott- cool pictures, looks like some big air in a couple of them. Where is that track located?


Scott F.

They've mellowed the 90 and 100 footers at Perris recently, so you can come up short and not be carried off in a stretcher (well, the chances are less anyway). I still don't intend to clear those, even though they have plenty of run, but I came close when the adrenalin was a bit high on the first lap of our OTHG race a few weeks ago.

The only jump of any significance that I can clear is the 40-50 foot gap that lands you on a tabletop (don't know if it's still there). I came up seriously short on the first lap, but somehow saved it.

I know of the long 105' tabletop at Sunrise (OTHG had a race there recently), but it has a short approach, so I could barely make past halfway. I can't figure out how you fast guys can get up enough speed and/or lift to make it.

Scott, do you guys realize how lucky you are?

Man i would kill to have tracks like that up in Canada we have some really sweet tracks but they are 4 hour drives.

Perris looks really cool!

Is that the track where they have that warm up race right before the nationals start?

keep it on two wheels




Keep your stick on the ice!

Mike OK, that double jump shot was only about 60'. It is no longer there, as that part of the track has been rerouted. Perris Raceway is in Perris, California.

Holeshot, the takeoff ramp on the 90' double was lowered alot, but it still takes about the same effort to clear. The second one takes even more. I hit them hard in third gear. The 105' table at Sunrise takes some serious effort. I do the small double coming out of the left 180 in second gear. Then I shift into third in the air or right after landing. From that point I have to commit to a full throttle drag race all the to the top of the ramp. This jump is very technical because sometimes it is hard to get a good drive, and it is easy to underjump or overjump, neither of which is a good thing.

Smitty, Perris will once again host the SX warmup race on New Years Day.

Scott F

100 foot is fairly easy if your in top of 3rd or low 4th...i have cleared a 110ft tabletop followed by a 75 foot tabletop at highlands motocross in TX! Will post a pic once I take one! lol



I get my kicks on a 2001' YZ426!

Friendswood, TX

I'll say it again


I'm going to try to get down there for March break.

get in a couple rides then head back to the snow. :)

Send me some pix to hold me over!



im still lookin for pics of u guys doin jumps, roostin or whatever!



I was Perris raceway last night, and the 40-50 foot jump that landed you on a small table has been changed to about 30 feet, so you could make it in first gear if you had a mind to.

Just trying to keep some credibility. :)

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