Dont buy the dr.d exhaust 06-09 yz450f


Either way people will make their own decisions,thats what this is about.Dont get caught up in the drama, just the facts.

as far as the op's reasoning behind slamming dr d have to say its really a non issue..all u need to do when installing is prior to tightening the 2 header bolts is stick the allen wrench into the top oil filter cover bolt to give you a bearing as to the path of the bolt on removal and lift up on the head pipe as you tighten the bolts and youre good..ive never had to fuss with mine to change the oil since....

now what personally pisses me off about dr d is they will not sell me a replacement part...i cracked my can and called to order one and was told " they dont sell repair parts"...but instead have a "repair service"..for $195 not including shipping (2 weeks in shipping or clost to $100 more total for expidited shipping each way nj-ca) they will repair my can..hahaha i bet they would ..just curious when they will stop selling packing and start a "repacking service" for $119..just ridiculous...went round and round on the phone with the girl that no avail..she cant give me a reason behind that...and wont transfer me to anyone theory was when you repack you have the can loose in your hands so whats the big deal...i offered pictures even in case they think i was trying to build a knockoff or i called the other major exhaust companies to see if i could buy just the can and all said sure...some actually were going to ship out a new one needless to say when this thing finally goes i will certainly remember my experience with them ....regardless of all the other stories ive read on here about how great the c.s. was not my experience

another point I'd like to bring up concerning any part fitment on a dirtbike is that these parts are designed to fit a brand new bike, not one that's been looped, cartwheeled, dumped, etc. I'm not trying to start and junk here but I recently had this realization while replacing some parts and I kinda had to be honest with myself and think that the bike might not be 100% straight as it was from the factory. Just my .02 cents.

Either way people will make their own decisions,thats what this is about.Dont get caught up in the drama, just the facts.

if you dont like the system why is it your display pic???:lol: I have the Ti system and it fits beautifully! just make sure it is clearing the bolt before you tighten it! other than that its a great system, strong boost in low-mid range power, and a good healthy, but mellow bark!!! i would say it gotta be the best bang for your buck!:ride:

+1 :ride:

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