bike burns oil after running it with to much oil

i recently aquired a 07 yz450f used of coarse. after riding it around the shop for a bit i chnaged the oil and air filter and some other basic things.. when i did this i only drained oil out of the lower drain plug on the bottom of the case

I added the amount 1.1 liters or something like that cant remeber. started the bike up everythings fine. i took it on a few rides after that. something felt funny.

After more reading on here i realized i had overfilled the oil. so i quickly chanaged the oil in a correct procedure as to have the correct volume of oil. ever since them it seems to burn oil. as in visbly seeing white smoke and smeeling it. soemtimees more than others sometimes alot sometimes very little.

Could have runnign to much oil hurt something and caused it to do this?:banghead:

You are probably seeing nothing more than the smoke from an oily exhaust. That can take a while to clear out.

Running too much oil won't hurt anything, really, and it won't cause oil consumption in the long term. Correct the oil level and watch it for a while. Once the smoke clears, so to speak, you'll have something to laugh about.

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