yz450f/426 motor fit 09 frame ???

Hi guys , i'm about to buy a 09 yz450f rolling chassis , i would jsut need to find a motot for it , there is not many 09 motors for sale so would like to know if any yzf 450/426 engines will fit in my 09 frame as they are more avaliable in the UK , cheers

Not sure what fits what but the 05 and earlier bikes carried the oil in the frame.

Not a good plan. They will fit, with work, but like Mike said, you'll have to mount an external oil tank or fit the engine out as a wet sump and change oil every time you ride it.

Stay with '06+ engines, YZ450's only.

thanks for the reply's ,i didn't know the 06 onwards didn't use the frame as a oil tank ,

so how easy would it be to put a external oil tank , if i was using one of the early engines, cheers

If you rode a bike with one of the newer engines 06-09 compared to any of the previous years 05 and down then it would make your deicsion for you. I would just keep looking until you find one that is the correct generation for the frame.

thanks for reply's , don't get me wrong, i know a 06+ engine would be best but i jsut can't find them for sale , so i'm going to have to go with a 05 engine i can get hold of and mount a external oil tank , i just need to make sure the motor mounts will line up?

, cheers

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