Easy weight reduction

Does anyone know of a way to keep mud from collecting on the underside of their bike (e.g.,fender wells). The WR450 is pushing my limits as far as the overall weight and high center of gravity goes, but it gets REALLY heavy by the end of the day when it is covered with Kentucky clay. I remember seeing a post a while back where someone used something like vegetable spray (PAM?) on the undersides of the fenders to keep the mud from collecting. It seems that a commonsense/easy/low cost method of reducing the amount of mud that the thumper collects would lower the overall weight a heck of a lot more than some of the more intrusive weight reductions posted(pulling battery/starter, overflow tank, etc.). FYI... I estimate that the mud that came off my bike this weekend weighed 20+ pounds (about 3/4th was in the fender wells and underbelly). If vegtable oil (or whatever is recommended by others) cuts this in half, it will sure make a difference (10 pounds) at the end of the day!!!

I use the vegetable oil method and it seems to work great. Just spray it on your clean fendor before you begin the day.

Astroglide :)

I use a teflon spray popular with sailboat racers called McLube. Carried by West Marine and many others. You can try www.apsltd.com

If you drink some of the veggie oil it will clean you out.

Do you know the average person has ten pounds of impacted waste in their colon?


You can also wax the plastic with a good car wax. Dirt doesn't stick as well and it's easier to clean afterwards as well.

I use silkolene pro-prep. It seems like a combo of silicone and armor all.

I seem to remember Scott Summers selling some product that was supsosed to help in this regard. Don't remember the name of the product, something like fender skins?

ten pounds of impacted waste in their colon?

Beezer,you're so full of sh*t! :)


I have a friend with a 003 CRF450 and he has lined all the under sides of his bike with a teflon tape, clear and seemingly mud resistent. I think he also keeps the bike in his bedroom at night... I use Finish 2000 or any armour all type protectorant, seems to clean with a garden hose o.k. :)Dirtstiff

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