'06 front axle nut

Seem my front wheel axle nut is aluminum. No way to get to the 75 ft/lbs of torq. Any one else have this?

What's the problem exactly?

I only put 60lbs on them, and I replaced the aluminum with the older model steel ones. I have had two nuts bust from trying to use the manuals torque.

Just trying to see if people are really leaning on these nuts to 75#. Theres no way I could get close and not strip it out. Is it a bug deal to just snug it up and set the axle clamping bolts as advertised. How far back to get the steel ones?

i tourqe to what the manuals sey, never had a problem.

Yes, the nut is aluminum, but I've never used a torque wrench on an axle nut that I can recall, and never had a problem with either stripped axle nuts or wheels coming loose. I check mine a while ago when this subject came up, and it looks like I end up setting them to around 50-60 ft/lb. I don't think it really needs to be tighter than that, but that's me.

But I do use a torque wrench on the nut at the steering stem, which is also aluminum, and that one is set at 105 ft/lb. Never had a problem there either.

That sounds more along the lines of what I'm finding. Thanks.

A bit of a digression or maybe a new thread but did find some weld splatter in the head tube. Stuck in the grease on the lower bearing. Give the whole thing a good cleaning before repacking.

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Stripped the original on my '09 and went to steel, fixed!

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