2001' YZ426?

I am getting a 2001' YZ426 in two weeks and am wondering how everyone likes theirs? Does it have any problems like the clutch and the carb settings like the 2000' 426 does? Do the titanium valves make it faster than before? Thank you for any input you may have! P.S. I cant even sleep and night cause all I hear is BBBRRRAAAAAPPPPP from my new 426 and i see the roost flying off the dunlop 739 lol, anyway thanks!


I get my kicks on a 2001' YZ426!

Those dreams are reality, the roost coming off of that 739 is harsh, just ask the guys I ride with. No problems with mine at all, I have about 10hrs and 3 oil filters through it. No jetting problems, just chain stretch, tire wear and stiff suspension. But you will love it,I know I do. Have fun. jason

do any of you have a good amount of riding time on a 2001 426 (like more than 30 hrs or so)? SO you can really tell if it hasx any flaws? thanks



I get my kicks on a 2001' YZ426!

So far only 1 weekend on my 2001, and i've never owned another yzf, buy i can tell you this is the best thing i've ever riden. The power is torqey yet kinda snappy in a good way. I never felt out of control on the hard pack where my rm would scare me to death sometimes. Also dont seem to notice the weight that much on a track, slow tight turns, maby. My local practice track is a fast one. Jetting- no complaints and the thing start way easyer than what i have herd. One good kick and away wee go. I love the way this thing sounds on the track. If your the type that puts flowmaster mufflers on your car/truck then you know what i mean. The only complaint i have is the front end was a little harsh over braking bunps. I bet this will only get better once it breaks in.

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