CFC clutch covers

I recieved my cover in the mail last week, and I was impressed with the piece. Lightweight, yet would not flex or bend; clean machining, no burrs or sharp edges.

I got my hands on some Permatex, slathered that on the back of the clutch cover, and pressed it on. Let it set overnight, then cut away the excess. After installation, I think the bike is much more ready for off-road abuse, and it looks better too!

It is really a clean installation, and if you have ever pushed a hole in your case from the brake lever, you know that holes happen, and this is a great ounce of prevention.

Seriously! I bet this thing does not weigh much more than a couple of ounces. They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and I think these clutch covers are a no-brainer.

Thank you CFC!


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