My impressions of wr 450 after first weekend riding it.

The bike has great power and gearing also seemed very nice. My jetting seems to be good except for a hickup/bog when you snap the throttle wide open while cruising at low RPM and 1/8-1/4 throttle. My biggest concern was the steering. The bike felt like it couldn't get a good bite with the front tire. It wanted to push in slow and in fast corners. I would get all the way up on the gas tank and try to kick the back out while the front bit in, but instead both wheel would slide. My friend's 525EXC seems to be much better in that respect. I dont know much about suspension so could someone give some advice as to what adjustments I have to do to make the bike turn better. It just seems like the front wheel is always floating over the terrain instead tracking. The bike is awesome overall and powerwise I think it's perfect.


Do you have the Dunlop tire? I hate those... had the same problem. I went to the Michelin m-12 and it hooks!!


I have the same impression after 2,100 miles on a WR450. After a lot of homework, I like the triple-clamp (upper and lowers required to get the offset change) that BRP offers... increases the offset to 22 degrees...geometry keeps the front tire down. The upper/lower combo with rubber mounts cost $350(the ONLY reason I don't have them yet).

I have to check which tire I have. What about just raising the forks in the triple clamps? Anyone try that? Would that make it too unstable at higher speeds?

Changing out that 739 piece of junk for a Michelin MH2 will help you immensly.

Most folk dont even run that tire. They take it off before the bike makes it home. :)

Make sure your rear sag is set correctly. If you have to much the front end washes.

Set your sag first! Then raise the shocks in triple the triple clamp if your sag is correct.

The sag is set on these bikes new for a guy that is about 140 pounds. If you have to much sag the rear will be to low, not putting enough weight over your front wheel, making it push out of turns. You need to do sag before trying anything else. The instructions are in the manual, mine was way off for me at 185 pounds. Then look at a front tire.

dunlops 739s slide like on ice in loose soil. :)

Big thanks to everyone for all the advice. This weekend, I will check the sag and order a Michelin MH2. If after these changes I still need more bite, I will raise the forks 5mm at a time until the desired handling is achieved.



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