videos/pics of u and other people jumping and or riding yz/wr 426's

the title explains it all lets see them in action

At 26 seconds both wheels came off the ground.... kind of hard to tell tho.

Be sure to watch the end of the video... my wife tops a hill a little fast and runs into me.. :banghead:

Lots to choose from on my vimeo site, feel free to look around.

I use the mighty 426 for trail, mx, supermoto, and next weekend I'll have it on the ice.....more footage to come:thumbsup:

A couple fun little jumps. Shes a 400 and she naked.... lol before my graphics.




I'm always the one taking the pics but my kid did get my wr400f doing a small table top last summer - about 50 feet.


Uphill double at camp


step up jump at camp


This was last year around Christmas when I was marking some course for our club race. I was just sitting and cruising on the 426. It's short, be listen to that sweep thumper roll!! :ride: I just replaced it with a leftover '08 yz450 (which is awesome!), but I miss that 426 already.



Although Ive changed a lot of parts out to '05 450, this is my '00 426. When I started racing again last year, this was my ride till I bought the '09, even brought home a few trophies on the old girl. :ride:

These are the only pics I have that are at least decent. Don't have any good action shots.






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