03-05, 06-09 Wheel fitment?

Hello All,

A quick question, I have a 05 YZ450 and was wondering if 06-09 wheels (Front and Rear) will fit on my Bike? I have the opportunity to buy a set of 07 wheels and was just want to make sure there are no issues.



I'm running the front wheel I had on my '00 426 on my '09 450. The '09 axle wasn't long enough to get the nut on, so I should have changed out the spacers. Instead I had an extra early style front axle so I used that, works fine now. I believe the change to the shorter axle happened in '08 so '07 and earlier should just bolt right on, but it might need a spacer change. I'm sure Grayracer will show up and shed some light on that for you. The rear should be a straight bolt on.

Thanks guys...Im going tomorrow and buying a perfect pair of wheels from a 07...for $300 with new tries and bearings!

Take care and again thanks for the quick info!

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