EKP Needle?

What exactly is the advantage of the EKP needle? I have searched some for this info, but haven't yet found the answer. I have only ridden my 03 WR 450 a couple of times so before I mess with too much I really need some more seat time. Having said that I have noticed a little miss only at a constant speed around 1/8-1/4 throttle. I did have the YZ cam installed before I picked up the bike and the mech. did something with the jetting. I asked if he put in a larger pilot and he said that he did, but my fuel screw is out 4 turns! I guess that I will have to check with my own very eyes to see what jets I really have. Everything works well on top and my plug is nice and brown so I think that the main is probably fine. I also have to give it some gas when starting with the e button, is that normal? I just came off a 01 YZ 426, so touching the throttle feels like the un-pardonable sin. Thanks

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