HELP? How to remove lower steering bearing???

The steering got tight on my 01 WR426 so I took everything apart, and things were rusty. How do you get the lower bearing off the stem? I'm about to cut it off with a Dremmel tool. Is there an easier way? Does the new bearing have to be pressed on? HELP! :)


That bearing has to be pressed off/on. I tried to heat mine up and get it off and still didnt work. I finally had to take it to a bike shop.

Dont take it to the shop. With the steering head removed I put a 1" diamiter punch/drift on the lip of the bearing from the top. It's only about a 1mm lip but its enough. And pound that sucker out. Get the new headset and put the bearing races in the freezer for about an hour and knock em into place while there cold and they will slip right in.

good luck

Eric :)

...then put a grease zerk in that steering head and you will never have to do it again! Check out Darin's (MOmilkman) website for the specifics. :)

Thanks guys. I got the lower race off the stem by hitting it with a chisle under the race between the clamp. This raised it up high enough to get 2 pry bars under it and force it up. To install the new bearing I will heat the bearing and put the stem in the freezer. This should allow for and easy fit.

This (your methods) is all pretty sketchy to me! yikes

this is a critical component of your machine and great care should be taken to do it correctly, any machine shop, good mechanics garage or friend with a press can do this the right way, the stem itself is pressed into the lower clamp as well and has a retaining ring to keep it lined up and in place, pounding or prying can disturb this marriage and could in fact cause catastrophic failure when you least expect it. Do certain things the right way, heating the bearing and freezing the stem/lower clamp is an acceptable proceedure for re installation if you have a press there yourself but get it done correctly, press it off and press it back on CORRECTLY. I guarantee you that the factory didnt use hammers and chisels or prybars to put it together and there isnt a race team in existance worth its salt that would it that way either.

2 cents......flame away. :)

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