wr motard anyone??

Hi all. Wondering what would be required to convert my 99 wr 400 into a motard, has anyone done it? what wheels did you use? i heard that cbr wheels fit, however without having easy access to a set it's a bit hard to confirm. can anyone help me out?


I converted my 2003 WR450 and my 2007 WR450 over to Supermotard.

I had Excel 17" wheels on my 2003 WR, and they were very nice but expensive. I had about $1,600 USD into this setup.


On my 2007 WR, I went with WARP9 17" wheels. They came as a package, with rear sprocket, bearings, front caliper relocator, and front & rear discs. This package was only $895 USD. Here is a link to their website: http://www.warp9racing.com/supermoto/supermoto.php


For gearing, I went with 15/45 on my 2007. This gave a nice 60mph cruising speed, while still being able to power up 3rd gear wheelies. Top speed was about 105 mph.

Here is a little advice- you could get a set of Maxxis ProMax street tires for your stock 21/18 dirt rims. You can get both front & rear tires for about $120. This is called the "Sportsman Setup", and will give you just as much fun as full on 17" wheels, with little investment.


Let me know if you have any other questions.

Hey I convert it my wr400 to sm also even know just was able to take for 3 rides(got electrical problems) that's cool that u have two wr's, nice set ups

my 2005.


Thanks guys, gunna see what i can sort out, at least theres a few options!!

keep us posted what you come up with. Wanting to motard my 426 but do not want to spend a fortune on it. still want to ride in the dirt too.

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