XR600R Mufflers, changes in '98 ?

I've been looking for a stock muffler for my 2000 xr600r, and I notice that 96/97 muffler assembly is part # 18300-MN1-682, and 98-2000 is 18300-MAG-L00 with a higher cost. The fiche shows them to be identical.

I'm wondering if anyone knows if something actually changed, or if Honda just decided to up the cost of it and slapped a new number on. perhaps they reworked in internally for more power (or less power but quieter)?


Yes they are slightly different. Nothing worth of concern. They still mount the same and power is likely no difference.

Are you planning to buy a stock new one? I have a few stock ones, new and used, and also some used FMFs if you're interested.



Sent ya some mail Tim, just wondering what you want for one of your new stock pipes/inserts.

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