Tips on installing clutch basket - 06 YZ450F

I am going to be installing a clutch, including basket, in my 2006 YZ450F. It will be my first clutch install. I see there is a lot of good info on replacing the plates but I can't find much on replacing the basket. Are there any tips or gotchas that may help as far as the basket is concerned?

are you replacing with stock or hinson/aftermarket?....stock is easy swap hinson is a little more involved but still pretty easy with just a few things to be cautious of.....but with either just be careful when removing the pressure plate the little "tophat" tends to come off wth the pressure plate and has a single ball bearing in it...and although oil usually has it somewhat "stuck" inside the "tophat" ive had friends drop that into the motor and it went through one of the oil transfer openings in the bottom of the cases..leaving them fishing for it through a small hole

And make sure you mesh the basket onto gears all the way,if you dont you can crack one of the gears,like the oil pump gear.

Thanks for the tips. I am replacing the stock basket with a Hinson basket and putting a Rekluse Pro over it. I've ordered the basket and the Tusk plates/springs.

I've had the basket off and nearly learned the ball-bearing in the motor lesson the hard way. Getting the basket back on and lining up the gears underneath it was a pain so I expect more of the same when I do the install.

have you done a hinson basket before?

Nope - the only clutch work I've done is to install a Rekluse.

The aftermarket basket will require the kick start/auxiliary drive gear on the back of the basket be pressed out of the old unit and into the new one. Best done with at least an arbor press.

It also requires drilling/driving out the old rivets and replacing them with the supplied bolts. Use a drill larger than the rivet shank (same as the shank of the bolts) and drill just until the "head" of the rivet spins off. DO NOT SKIP the use of red Loc-Tite, and follow the assembly instructions carefully.

Now I'm officially initimidated. These are great tips though - I should be able to muddle through it.

I was wondering about the kickstart gear. I don't have an arbor press but I would imagine I can fashion something out of my vise.

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