YZF450 cylinders Compatibility?


Is anyone knows is there differences between 2003-2008 YZF450 cylinders?

I need to get new cylinder for YZF450 2005 and i found that there are to variants 03-05 YZ450F and 04-08 YFZ450

Do they have a differences or they are similar?


First, I need to be clear on what you are asking about. You said "YZF450"; A), there is no such thing, and :ride:, that's close to being "YFZ450", which is a quad, and the answer is different for the quad engine.

I'll answer your question on the assumption that it's a motorcycle engine (YZ450F) that we're discussing:

'03-05 cylinders are interchangeable. Starting with '06, the top end oiling is internal, and '06-'09 cylinders will not work on earlier 450's.

sorry for my wrong F place:worthy:

and shore thanks a lot for explanation it's better than i was hopping to get:thumbsup:

Thanks a lot grayracer513 :ride:

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