loudest silencer

Although i don't agree with the idea of loud exhausts i recommend Two Brothers Racing exhaust. It's the loudest i have ever heard.
Hell, just install an OEM '09 KX450F silencer. Those damn things are obnoxiously loud. Loudest stock silencers on the track by far.
I agree. However if/when the sound issue goes away the greens will come up with another excuse to shut us down.

Very true, no way around that and that's always been the case even before the sound issue, sound is just the latest issue.

KTM and Husaberg have the right idea for their stock pipes. I rode a husaberg FE 390 this past sunday...you know one of those newfangled fuel injected jobbies with the engine crammed in there the wrong way. From what I understand the ktm/husaberg stock pipes are a straight through design with a turbine style spark arrestor and it was no louder than a stock WR exhaust that has the PMB insert installed (deeper tone though). Now it wasn't an arm stretcher like an uncorked 450 is, but the power was adaquate and quite strong for having a "middleweight" engine.. If I had to guesstimate it was about 90-92 db (the intake roar was much louder than the exhaust at WOT :smrik: ).

European bikes have always been more on top of this problem, but they still need to find more power. The aftermarket pipes can easily make more.

I guess what I'm getting at is huge mufflers with lots of packing are what is needed to quiet these things down while still retaining strong power. The baffled pipes like the ones that come stock on the WRs are garbage for making power... the stock WR pipe with a PMB insert still leaves alot to be desired. This thread on the DR-Z forum is good food for thought. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=783072&highlight=

The guy knocked off a whole bunch of db's from his DR-Z by fabricating a longer fatter muffler while still retaining the same core diameter as his MRD SSW pipe.

Back to the OP's question. Here are a couple of loud mufflers. Knock yourself out.

Pro Circuit T-4

FMF TI powercore

I think it will have to come down to the exhaust companies forking out some big cash for engineers that understand sound and pressure waves and how to cancel sounds without restricting flow, and all the expensive R&D that goes with it. Just corking up the hole with an insert isn't getting it done and making them bigger and heavier will never sell to the masses.

There has to be a next level of technology to phase out what's being offered now. There's a small snowball running down the hill now to make this happen, it needs to get bigger for them to get serious. I think they're all playing the waiting game to see who's going to risk that kind of investment first.

With organizations like AMA and FIM requiring lower and lower db''s at competitions, I think we'll get there in the near future. I think what would finally push it over the edge would be private owned tracks and all open riding areas requiring lower and lower db's as well. It would piss off a bunch of racers and riders, but it would foster the right environment for the boost in exhaust technology that within a year or two would be accepted as the norm.

I know when the day comes that MXA, or any other dirt bike rag, is doing an exhaust shootout and there's a 90 db exhaust that can make the same power as any other on the market and not be ridiculously expensive, I'll be buying a new exhaust. For now, I run a DrD on my MX bike and a FMF Q2 on my trail/desert bike, I wish I could run something quieter on my MX bike.

me and my buddy bolth ride crf450 bolth have fmf and they can be heard from one mile away im not braging i want to switch to yosh. hopfuly quieter too loud. by the way one is a 2003 fmf pipe and mine is a 2006 fmf pipe so they havent changed LOUD!!!!

Two brothers m-7 BY FAR

Got a headache from it when riding in the dunes haha

or run it open header, heard it makes the power band change colors

i have a 05 wr 450 with full yoshi exhaust. music to my ears 109db

I have a freshly repacked FMF TI-4 for the 400/426 sitting on a shelf if anyone needs one.

It's kinda loud and very light!

I have a freshly repacked FMF TI-4 for the 400/426 sitting on a shelf if anyone needs one.

It's kinda loud and very light!

Hey I have the same thing......sitting on the shelf too :ride:

too loud even with quiet core, and the spark arrestor makes an annoying vibration

You could run your bike without a silencer, just the header.

You could run your bike without a silencer, just the header.
It would probably run so lean it would have a melt down.

But at least the noise issue would be solved...:ride:

I can sum it up in one phrase. Loud pipes save lives.

I can sum it up in one phrase. Loud pipes save lives.

Whatever....we are talking dirt, not street...

Save lives my ass...

I can sum it up in one phrase. Loud pipes save lives.

Learning how to ride save lives not being obnoxious.


I can sum it up in one phrase. Loud pipes save lives.

Maybe if you come face to face with a bear! :ride:

I can sum it up in one phrase. Loud pipes save lives.
What a load of crap. I hear that all the time from street riders that need some sort of impressive-sounding rationale to justify there obnoxious unbaffled pipes. There is NO data or evidence whatsoever that bikes with loud pipes are any less (or any more) likely to be in an accident.

We always referred to the loud pipes as "small dick pipes"....there's no need, even on the street, for loud pipes. Solid skills, keen observation, and a developed sense of defensive driving will go a long way toward rider safety whereas loud pipes merely create destructive images of the motorcycling community in the eyes of cagers and have ZERO safety factor.

Haha yep Butta that is true!

Loud pipes are like big trucks = penis extenders

Needed for guys with small ones

"Mrs. Rulthwds" I like loud pipes too in defense of Mr. Rulthwds! No need to extend his penis its already big enough :ride: And by the way you old farts really need to find out whats hip these days....Loud stuff = hot wife. Loud pipes makes me watch him ride, and it lets me know he is on his way home.

Old fart....me? hahahaha

I just enjoy my hearing and respect other people

just to add my .02 cents.. i LOVE loud exhaust, makes me feel fast lol but i recently got a bike that was all baffled up and it was kinda fun sneakin up on people hehe. But i aggree with the other guy ( cant remember his screen name and to lazy to look) if there are campers out there wh notice the 5 DB difference then ill dial 911 for them. any bike would piss off some campers or some guy hunting, hell, a simple cough would scare a dear away. I say as long as its not obnoctously loud run it, but keep in mind of your surroundings.

and another thing. some really smart germans did a test on " sound fatigue ".. turns out a quieter bike wont wear you out as fast. Really cool article to rear.

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