loudest silencer

Maybe if you come face to face with a bear! :ride:

I actually have had some dangerous wildlife ( HUUUUGE pit bulls,other dogs, coyotes,ect..) come across the trails i ride on, ill just stop and rev up and scream and stuff and they go away. so far the only things that chase me are dogs. I had a german shepperd chase me the other day and he was FAAAASSTT!

Maybe if you come face to face with a bear! :lol:

Regular occurence were I live. Pull in the clutch and rev the piss out of it to get them going. There is some merit to too quiet of an exhaust being dangerous IMO. Can't hear someone else coming, chase off wildlife, if they're too quiet. But anything more than about 98db's just gives everyone including the rider, a headache. All that noise wears you out faster as well.

Right around 96db is perfect for me :ride:

if there are campers out there wh notice the 5 DB difference .
5 db id a HUGE difference in sound levels. The decibel (dB) is a logarithmic unit, meaning that you cannot add and subtract dB like ordinary numbers. An increase of 3 dB doubles the intensity of the sound, and an increase of 10 dB means that the sound is 10 times as loud. 100 decibels is ten times as loud as 90 decibels.

PLUS, the sparks from your ill (read perfectly) jetted bike will ignite the forest giving way to monumental flames of epic proportions in what Ontario will remember as the single most devastating event in recent history (short of the indigenous slayings). The fire will cause the deaths of thousands of black bears, chipmunks, the endangered Northern Cricket Frog and a multitude of flora and fauna.

Give me a break. VERY few wild animals die from wildfire. Yellowstone 1988, something like 1.5% of the population died in the huge fires they had. In an average hunting unit 16% of the population is killed by hunters per year. Plus, it's rarely the sparks coming out of your muffler, but rather the headpipe that starts a wildfire. I see that your argument was meant to be at least a little sardonic. But, being a guy that fights fire, and takes a lot of crap from the general public about the decisions of my agency, I like to dispell myths when I can.

As to the loud pipe deal, I'll agree with the idea that loud for the sake of loud is pretty stupid. That being said, I have a Factory 4.1 on my bike. Not real quiet. Went to the shop to buy a Q, cute girl behind the counter said she'd have to order one and charge me full price, or they had a 4.1 in stock that she'd give to me for $100 off retail. Not gonna lie, it hurts the ears a little. It did give my bike a pretty good boost in power.

The argument about loud pipes saving lives... if you're running a loud pipe on your 4 stroke, and a dude with a quiet bike gets near you, you aren't going to hear him over your bike. If I'm out with a buddy that's riding a two stroke or a quiet 4 stroke and I'm on my WR, I never hear their bike over my own. Yeah, other people can hear you, but you can't hear other people.

Old fart....me? hahahaha

I just enjoy my hearing and respect other people

You have to earn respect. And you certainly don't do that by starting an identical thread to the one closed down by the owner and ruffling everyone else's feathers. Although, I will add, I do not intentionally disrespect people.

But really who cares? He owns his own property, let him burn it down. No loss to me. :ride:

One good thing about a loud bike; we can tell where the idiots are and subsequently avoid them.

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