Dr D SS Repack

Hey Guys

Wondering what you guys use to repack your Dr D exhaust

TT store has 2 different kinds

Pro worth the $$


Oh yeah, i heard a guy bought a dr d lowering kit for 20 bills. Anyone seen a lowering kit for that price? i would like to buy one but 50 bucks seems very high

I bought the Pro - a little pricey but it is supposed to last longer. I changed the stock DRD at 30 hours and have 10 hours on the Propack. I bought direct from DRD for $40 plus shipping.

Are they not selling the preformed packing anymore?

Are they not selling the preformed packing anymore?

That is what I bought last June. Pre-rolled with a blanket and slides right in. I noticed their current website shows a bag of packing and a tube. Probably should call and ask?

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