Cam swap

I was thinking about putting some of hot cams stage 1 in my 09 yz450 and was wondering if the stock cams would work in my 05yfz450 quad? Would it make any difference? Thanks

They will fit your quad, yes, and they'll make it more powerful on top, but you may loose more bottom end than you'd like.

As I recall, the Stage I was similar to the '06 YZ450 grind and timing, and while they will likely give you more mid range, they may cut the top end power in your '09.

I just finished my 09 450f. It now has the 06 cams, stater and ing box on it. Sounds and feels great on the stand. Was to cold to try and ride it last night. Wanted the 09 the run like my old 06 did.

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