2006 wont start

i am helping a friend get his bike ready for this season and the engine wont start. it runs while being pulled but when you pull in the clutch or stop it shuts off. when you give it throttle there is no response. when we try to kick it over there is no compresion. does this sound like valves or clogged jets????

Was the bike stored before hand? I would clean the carb real good, clean the air filter just as a piece of mind, check the plug for spark and possibly replace, check the valves and add fresh fuel, then try kicking again. You should not have to pull the bike for it to start.

it was stored for about a month so i think i am going to take his carb and clean it at my house. but we have checked the plug and it is getting a spark.

Then grab a can of carb cleaner and use compressed air to aid in cleaning the carb. If you pull the slide out make sure the plate on the slide is put back on right or it will make it even worse and do not remove the tps from the carb body.

If it is flooded it will wash out the cylinder and will not have much compression.

Check the oil, smell it, does it smell like gas?

It could have stuck a valve and bent it?

Many things. Could have a broken ring? Could be it's beyond service limits and needs a new piston and rings as well as a valve job.

Many things.....

The few things you can do that don't cost much is a new plug, clean the carb thoroughly, make sure carb is adjusted correctly. Floats are right, ALL jets are clear and clean including air jets.................You said it had spark so it's likely a fuel issue but could be a bad ground on an electrical component?

if a valve was stuck or bent wouldnt it make it so it was hard to kick. because you can push the lever down with your hand.

If its a stuck valve it might be hard, but a bent one no because it would let your compresion leak out the valve maken it easy to kick.:ride:

i just brought the bike to my house today and i found out that my friend had already removed the tps. how do i know where to put it back or how do i know if he put it back in the right place?

See page 6-9 of the manual. Make your friend pay for the beer and pizza and have him help you until it's done.

if that was positioned wrong would it make it so that the bike wouldnt run?

i had a similar problem with my 250f and it was valves. that might help you solve your problem.

Most probably not. If you're suspicious, unplug it and try it that way.

ok thanks after i posted that and saw that the previous owners left marks on it so i got it all lined up.:ride: next thing that i am going to do is check the valves. i tried earlier but i couldnt get my feeler gauge into the middle and left gap. any ideas on how to do that?

I have long 45 degree feeler gauges that I bend to a shape that fits. You can also buy the correct feeler gauges.

i just looked in the head and it has a snapped valve:banghead::lol::ride: just wasted all the time of cleaning the carb

do you have to replace all of the intake valves or is it ok to just replace the one that is broken and leave the others

rest of engine is undamaged?

yes i think we got lucky with it. except there is oil in the coolant. what gasket is it that i have to replace to fix that? does any one have a part number?

i took the head off looked at the piston and the head and they are ok but i looked in the cylinder and there is alot of water/coolant in there.

just bought a new top end gasket set. just for so others know for if they are having the same issues, ebay has really good deals on gasket kits.

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