06 yz450 forks and tripple tree on a 426?

I am currently in the process of trying to sell my 01 yz426 but an not really having much luck so i may keep it. my main issue with the bike besides it being a bit heavy is the front suspension. it just seems rear harsh as compared to my honda crf250. so my question is has anyone swapped the forks and tripple tree of of a yz450 06 or newer with the sss forks onto a 426, or would it be better to have someone redo my froks, like proaction suspesion or another suspension place.

I vote for a revalve. The stock 426 fork is horrible! But a good tuner can turn them into a great fork. Here is the shop I use: http://www.smartsuspension.com Give Frank a call, he's a good guy that does full custom jobs. He doesn't use a slide rule or a chart for revalving like Pro Action does.



I actually know of one guy who can make the older YZ fork work really well, but in the end, you will have spent more for that than for a set of good used '06 forks, which are better stone stock than most of even the best revalves on the 46mm single chamber forks.

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