Front end tweak

O.K., I need some more advise.

In 1993 on my YZ250, I managed to come up short on a double - no crash, but front end down first - sort of off angle as well. This tweaked my front end, and I was never able to get the bars and front forks/tires re-aligned again. I was always steering slightly to the left or right, to keep the front straight - this is a very irritating thing because it affects your ablilty to turn accurately and quickly.

I put new bars on, that was not the problem. I had the forks and everything else checked and nothing was bent or distorted. I tried every possible method of disassembly and reassembly - in the end, once I was back on the track the front end was always back off center by the end of the day. I put the forks in the clamps first, then tightened the pinch bols, then the crown nut, then the wheel/axle, you name it, I tried it. The upper and lower clamps are not keyed together on Yamaha's. Are they on any other mx'ers? When the crown nut is tightened it is supposed to be 125 ft lbs or so - I go by spec and use the right tool with the right angle. Am I making this nut too tight? If I leave it looser than spec would the front end be able to "spring back" to center again?

Heres's the punch line - this very same thing I have done on my 426 and it has REALLY, REALLY, REALLY got me P.O.'d - to say the least.

O.K. - I need help on this guys!!!!!!!

If nothing in your frame or front end is bent, it should be no problem to get it straight. Try tightening the axle nut and pinch bolts, and lower triple clamp pinch bolts first. When tightening the steering stem nut, you should loosen the upper triple clamp fork pinch bolts. Otherwise you will be bending and loading the top clamp. Personally, I wouldn't torque it to 125 ft/lbs. That may cause your top clamp to rotate and misalign your front end.

Scott F

Thanks Scott - my 1993 250 manual says 125 ft.lbs.

My 200 426's manual says 105 ft lbs. - when I have the entire front end apart, I keep checking step by step each time I add another part to make sure everything is aligned. What seems to happen is that all is true until the next to last step - that is tightening to torque the crown nut. So you just may be right about backing off of the nut torque. I have not tried this because I noticed that when I broke loose the crown nut for the first time it was VERY VERY tight. At this point I am ready to try anything - it is very hard to go fast when your bars and wheel are not aligned.

I'm going to give a try what you recommend - I'll let you know what happens.

Thanks a lot for the tip.


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