Intellijet/Dial-a-jet - anyone used it?

Ok, I'll try the "jetting" forum to get some better results...

I saw an Intellijet in the latest Dirtbike mag and I'm interested. Dialing in your jetting as you go via a dial seems like a winner to me. They said it was like having the advantages of FI. I'll admit I hate jetting my bike but I still will do it.

MXA gave it 5 stars, and we know how MXA is hard on some products.

So what's the catch? Anything?


Not a bash, but different variations of this have been around for years, returns every so often about the time everyone forgot about the past ones. We tried them on sleds where temp and elevation changes made them seem like a good idea. Along with egt's to keep track of fueling. I personally didn't think they worked as good as advertised, the cause and effect of the adjustment couldn't be counted on the same as changing the brass.

in my experience they do not work as advertised.

ok cool. Thanks!

Wow, I should have told my KLX 650 that back 12 years ago when I put in the Dial-A-Jet, to compensate for the lean jetting. You see, I had done them on my Nighthawk S too back in the 80s - read the Motorcyclist test.

I wish I would have known it would not work well when I let it compensate for opening up the air box, going to a 1500 Vulcan big bore (678cc) and adding a BajaDesigns reverse cone megaphone exhaust - without altering the jettiing or the Dial-A-Jet setting. Not to mention running from sea level at Daytona BikeWeek to the mountains of West Virginia at about 5000 feet or so without having any noticable performance loss.

Actually seems Dick's Racing finds they work good too. Just because the general motorcycle industry ignores them the ATV market (much more progressive) seems to have taken to the Dial-A-Jet. Which has remained around since the mid 80s when I was selling Hondas all the way through until present. Just because some people ignore them doesn't mean they go away.

It is interesting that the huge majority of people who respond negative about the Dial-A-Jet have never used one. I have... 12 years 45,000 miles in all types of weather at various elevations with modifications... I'm sold.

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