What is best front tire for NorthEast mixed terrain?

Trying to decide between Michelin M12 and MH2. Any others I should look at? The terrain I ride on varies from soft to hard and rocky, but mostly on the hard side.



I run the S12s and pound them on long rock runs with nothing but rocks the size of soccer balls (with sharp edges) in kentucky. I run 18 lbs in the front and 15 lbs in the rear for those rides. S12s work very well at higher pressures and knobs hold up pretty well. M12's are a similar profile and knobs but I hear they are even tougher than the S12's in rocks. I have yet to run the M12's because the S12's grip well in mud and soft terrain when inflated to higher pressures. Best multi purpose tire I ever ran. Good mileage about 500 miles before the knobs round to the point of needing replacement :)

I'm running the m12 front/s12 rear and love it! The m12 sticks on rocks like glue, and holds great in the mud. I ride Ohio and Kentucky trails that are nasty nasty with rocks, roots, and more rocks. You can also trust a Dunlop 756 front and rear. The Dunlop is just as good, but you'll get more life from the Michilin. :)

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