hot tires and alcohol

Has anybody ever heard about putting alcohol in tires to keep them cool? Somebody mentioned that ot me the other day and I thought that it was odd. Let me know if you hear anything.

At the end of a long day of riding you can sit back and suck on a tire. HaHa. I have never heard of that but I have heard that grease on heavy tubes helps with puncture resistance. I cant wait to see your Dakar WR450 set up. Please keep us posted of your progress. :)


Were working on that as we speak. Rest assured it will be an interesting endeavour. They have modified the class system in for next years Dakar. These 450's should fit in nicely with the modifications. It used to be up to 400 cc's but now they have extended the class to allow the 450's.

Wish us luck.

Thanks for the update. We all wish you and BajaBob (??) the best in your class. Good Luck!!!! :)

Thanks for the support. I can guarantee you that once we begin work on these beasts that you will all hear from us. It is going to be a long process, hopefully with a positive ending. :)

Do you mean filling the tubes with alcohol? Wouldn't that slow the bike down greatly, and make it handle funny?

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