any WHITE YZ450 2010 in CA??

Hi all

i'm searching for a white YZ450 2010 in California, LA region or further. I can't find a dealer who has or at least can get one! Even Yamaha has nothing there, that's hard!

The plastics i can change, ok.

The blue shock-spring, i could look over it

The blue seat... hmm, ok, if it really has to be blue...

The natural rims, oh man, common...

:ride: Please, if anyone knows a dealer with a white beauty on the floor, please reply.

Thank you all!

my friend said he saw a couple white ones at Chaparral. I remember because he wants the blue and doesn't like the white and pointed out that all they had were white.

b&b cycles in victorville as a white one..

berts megmall has a few. Ask for Jason he will set you up with a good deal.

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