2003 WR450F Prices

Looking at buying a new 450F and am curios where and how much you all paid for your blue bikes.

Thanks and looking forward to the replies. I found one for 6099 delivered OTD.

Alright all. Just a price. That's it. Nothing more. It will only take a second. I promise that I won't tell anyone. :):D

I got a used one for $5250 and have seen new ones for $5799 plus shipping and tax if you register it.

JD :)

$6099 is a fair price,

dealers like to stay in business

How does $5200 US sound? A friend bought a bike in Canada for about that. Had to pay about $6000 US, then got the PST and GST taxes refunded, about $800 US. Not bad for a brand new bike.

I got mine for $6045 out the door. Another guy went to the same dealer and got his for $5900. This is the Yamaha shop in Ely NV.

I overpaid at $6,359. out the door but I got mine in January of this year. :)

in case your interested, there 7900 euro's out here.. I got my new 02 426 for 6400 euro's instead of list price of 7351 euro's.. last one in stock in Yamaha portugal apparently.. :)

Like Indy, I got my in January. Full $6399.

This post sucks. Now I know how bad I got screwed. $7059US

$6399 in mid March.I could have bought it earlier in the year but why, hard to ride with snow on the ground. We have no taxes in Alaska, so that is the price I actually paid. :D. The dealer also gave me $80 store credit for parts or accessories. Money well spent :)!

Sounds like the magic number is around 6100. I will let you all know if I find something a little cheaper. Over 7000!!!! yikes, I hoped that they used vaseline. :D:) That must have hurt!!

They didnt use vaseline. It was kinda like gettin druged at a party and the whole dealership was in line to take turns. The bike was 6399 but with tax and freight it came to 7000. Oh well I like it, not the ass rape but the bike.

$5799 out the door. :)


Alright you get the prize. How'd you get it for so little? If you can get me 3 more at that price they are sold. Let me know please.


I live in Canada and got mine for $8000 otd. This is about $5200 USA

I got mine for 7800 CAD which when I bought it was around 5000 US but now it is 5600.

Sounds like it might be a good deal o buy in Canada. Anybody know what it takes to bring them into the US. Any duties or tariffs? It might be worth having it shipped from up there.

$5599 out the door from Brewer Cycles in Henderson, NC. Also was quoted a price of $5499 out the door from Highlands Yamaha in Countryside, IL.

$5800 out the door.

2003 WR 450 baffle, air box

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