Rekluse Pro Install Help for 06 YZ450F

I am installing a Rekluse Pro on my 2006 YZ450F. Page six of the Rekluse install instructions mention installing the "external tab lock washer AND flat wash washer" on the main shaft. I did not receive a flat washer nor was one listed in the included parts list. There was no flat washer as part of the stock setup either.

Has anyone run into this? I have a message into Rekluse support but haven't heard back. Just thought I'd check before throwing a generic washer in there.

I have done multiple installs - why would you put a washer on a washer.

I have always used the locking washer with tabs. Torqd center nut down to spec then folded up tab.

No other washer.

I heard back from Rekluse support that the picture and comment about the extra washer was related only to Honda. The directions usually do a good job of indicating which steps apply to which bikes but not in this case. Thanks.

Getting ready to install mine later this week on the same bike ('06 YZ450), any other problems that you ran into that I might should avoid?

No other issues at all. It was a straight-forward install.

I realized after a few rides though that I needed to readjust the clutch cable to ensure there was enough play in the lever.

how did you like it?

I love it. It's the single best upgrade I've done to a bike. I thought I'd only appreciate it for trail riding but it's great for the track too.

Just fitted rekluse core EXP to my 2010 yz450f, I am totally sold on it. my corner speed has increased and no stalling problems. 5 star product.

Installing one on my 07 this weekend, can't wait to ride it.

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