Valves too tight to shim?

Checked my clearances and they are extremely low in my opinion. Intake is .06, .06, and .07mm Exhaust is .17 and .15mm. Do these readings necessitate new valves?



If you had an '01 or later with titanium valves, that would be more of a concern. Yours has stainless valves, though, and they may be alright for a while longer. Adjust them, then keep your eye on the clearances for while, checking them every couple of rides. If they seem stable, you should be OK. If they keep closing up more, replace them. Another clue is the shim size you find in it. Most 450's came new with shims in the 175-190 range. Anything smaller than a 170 would indicate that it's been adjusted once already. Not certain of it, but the same is probably true of a 400.

Okay, thanks again Gray!

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