fed up with no good inforamtion

yea how did u run into that problem??? had to ask .......lol

Some mysteries are better left unsolved, Grasshopper...


huh??? grasshopper???

huh??? grasshopper???
Before your time.

LOL! :ride:

anyone know the recommed setting for the air screw on yz426 with white brothers exhaust??

thanks buddy ill try that then if i need anything more i know who to ask .....thanks again

ok now my buddy turned in the pilot screw and didnt tell me how many turns it took to bottom out....so what should the turns be so i can get started on it right???

Did you read the link I posted? Have you looked in the jetting DB? Your manual?

Start with 1 1/2 and adjust it by the book, please. Every bike will be different, and yours will probably be a little different every time the weather changes.

yes i have read everything and the book tells me that i should have it at 1 and half turn but i stillcant get it to start??? flooded??? bout to take the carb apart and give it a good clean down

the throttle slide on my fcr carb has a slide with a cover and if the gasket isnt all that great would it cause problems??? i cleaned the carb out and put a sunline fuel mixture screw in it to make it easier to adjust and now i aint gettin no fuel ....what the hell ??? ive had it one and half turn out and it wont start for nothing....cleaned it put a sunline screw in it brand new air filter both of carb joints ....what to do??? any info would be highly appreaciated

Some of those aftermarket screws aren't machined exactly right. It sounds like the needle part on your new fuel screw could be too big in diameter.

I thought you had this fixed???

Did you maybe have the old screw turned way out and 1 1/2 turn isn't enough?

If your username is any indication of your 'other interests', I'd say less 'ganja' would be a good start.

Good luck.

loooooooooooool and how true that is :ride:

if you know what ganja means then you should be takin ur own advice....lol and for myoung...you may be right bout that needle cuz ive heard bad news bout them so ill try that

if you know what ganja means then you should be takin ur own advice....
He's not the one who identified himself with it.

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