Favorite Oil / Filter???

*** Please be nice to the newbie *** :D

After 9 years of street riding, I have finally taken the plunge into off road riding. I have quickly found out that there are probably more differences than similarities between street and dirt bikes...

Question: Is there a favorite oil / filter among the forum members? I have noticed that Bel-Ray makes a "Thumper" oil that looks pretty decent. I have been using good old Yamalube 4 thus far. I know they also have the 4-R, but I don't know if it's worth the extra money (same goes for the Bel-Ray). I have always been a fan of K&N filters (air and oil) and have picked up a couple of oil filters for the WR, but I don't know if that's worth the money either. I guess it all boils down to this:

Is it worth the extra money to buy the "premium" oils / filters when the change rate is so frequent? I almost wonder if it makes any difference at all since one should change the oil after every couple of rides anyway.

What do you think??? :):D :D

I run the yamalube also.I figure since the oil gets changed so much that regular oil should be o.k.I buy it from Rocky Mountain bulk for around 2 bucks a quart.

I ran it in my 426 for a year with no problems.For filters i have been using the stock Yamaha ,but have been thinking of a scotts filter.

I use Mobil 1 Synthetic with Red Cap 15w50. I change it after approx 300 miles. Besides the original Yam filter I have used Enzo via Rocky Mountain. Seem to be as good as original and about 50% cheaper.

Rocky Mountain


Welcome to TT :D

You"ll have a lot of infos if you take the time to use the search function on oil topics :). This has been a very popular subject, and still is.


I'm using Actevo. I've also used Amsoil and had good luck with it.


I use Castrol Syntec. 20 50 in the summer and 10 40 in the not-quite-warm-enough-to-ride weather.

Good luck,


I've been buying Yamalube by the case, brings the cost down a little and if you change the oil often you go through it pretty fast. As for filters, I clean and reuse the stock filter, though I've found a source for HiFlo filters at $6/ea. Haven't used one yet. I've been told they are the same as the K&N, who'd know?

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