CA Green Sticker

I am trying to get started riding in California. I have a friend of mine who is selling a 2000 wr400. Does anyone know if this is a green or red sticker bike? I am looking for something I can ride any time. If this is a red sticker bike, is there a way to convert it into a green sticker bike. If not, is there anyone that can recommend a year round bike I can ride. I am only looking to spend 3K and I am 6'2" about 210#.

its a green sticker....

new law in CA is 02 and older bikes all get a green sticker.

then you go to and click on cycle trader and then search for a 3K bike in your area.

I'm 6'2" and 240 The WR400 has more power than I need. I tried a DRZ and KLX and decided to buy a 2 smoke until I rode this bike. Green baby :)

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