2006 yz 450 SE stock graphics..

i went to the dealer and they said there 176$ PER SIDE!! is there anywhere that i can get the stock 2006 hurrican graphics cheaper?

not sure where you looked ....but i found them in the posted link...theyre not cheap..but alot cheaper than $176 per side......actually 175.10 for both sides.....use the pull down box on the left selecting your particular bike then go to "sidecover"..you want 2 #15's..1 #8..and 1 #12....but aside from that i thought one industries made a reproduction...not exactly the same but for 50-60 bucks maybe you could live with it..heres the parts you were looking for though

15 SKU: 4ES-2153E-20-00

EMBLEM, YAMAHA Use for Color LIGHT REDDISH YELLOW SOLID 1 ( LRYS1 / 0386 ) 2 $4.14

8 SKU: 5XC-2173L-01-00

GRAPHIC SET 1 Use for Color LIGHT REDDISH YELLOW SOLID 1 ( LRYS1 / 0386 ) 1 $83.41

12 SKU: 5XC-2174L-01-00

GRAPHIC SET 2 Use for Color LIGHT REDDISH YELLOW SOLID 1 ( LRYS1 / 0386 ) 1 $83.41

actually heres a link to another oem parts spot..a little cheaper...same numbers too 8/12/15..good luck


No I don't believe factory effex sells the se kits either only for the blue bikes.... But I'd call one industries.... The had a "hurricane" kit (for yellow plastic) before not sure if it's on their site currently... But they may still have some graphic kits available if you were to call them @1 800 663 5567

Try Decal Works, Dirt Digits, etc.; companies that produce custom graphics. You can get one-off shroud graphics any way you want for about $80.

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