09' 450R Blown 5th Gear

What would cause this? Just picked up the bike. Shifts fine, runs hard through the first 4 gears then when you go to 5th, it just slips back down into 4th. If you hold it in 5th, is binds and clunks. :ride:

So, whats your prediction on the problem?

All i can hear is chain slap, and i am just guessing your going way to slow to be in 5th gear. But thats just my 2 cents. Run it to the rev limiter in 4th gear then pop it in 5th and see what it does.

same here, try 5th on speed and under a load.

If it throws itself out of gear and back in its round off geardogs and a bent shiftfork.

Had this a few times

Could likely have at least one tooth broken off a gear, I wouldnt ride it until you find out what the problem is for sure. I darn sure wouldnt run it up to the rev limiter in any gear with that going on. Drain the trans fluid and look for any signs of metal pieces or particles. Good luck..

Tearin down the motor in the morning. Let ya'll know whats inside!

I've lost 5th Gear in my 09 2 times. Last time it was a result of a broken shifting fork. The first time it was the result of a bent shifting fork—same fork ofcourse. There have been numerous guys on this board with the same exact problem. If you looked at pictures of our shifting drums you would see a chunk out of each one of them in the same spot. I just so happens that I have 2 of these drums with a chunk out of it. :ride:

I believe that there is some sort of meshing problem with the fork and the drum during the shifts form 1-2nd and 4th-5th. Either way, I've dumped over $1000 in my tranny in 2009. If I could have afforded too I would have traded off for an 08.

Honda has some updated gears on the mircofiche. However, at the time I thought nothing of it because they weren't gears that I was destroying in the process. I was chewing up gears 3-5 on both shafts. Now that I think about it though, those new gears may improve the throw from 1-2nd and keep that fork from bending or breaking.

Good luck with your teardown. If you end up having any questions I've grown quite familiar with the entire process.

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