Another one

Well about 2-3 months ago i picked up a 2010 SX 250 and i have been loving it

i was doing a deal on a Truck today and the guy really wanted my SXF 250 , so to make it happen i swapped him for his 2008 SX 125 with under 20 hours on it :-}

so now i have a SX 125 to go with my SX 250 cant wait to play on both this weekend and test them back to back

i get some pics of the bike tomorrow

here is my new truck :-}



Don't want to be on too rough of a road with that one.

Looking forward to seeing the bike photos, the truck and house look great!

nice lightning!!!

I would love to take that truck to a few of my hunting spots :ride: Nice street truck, cool house. What about the bikes.

Needs a Kenne bell blower!! Nice truck!

sorry about the doggy phone pics :-}}}

new graphics being done for the SM season so ill have the same kits put on the MX bikes as well




Nice scooters.

I agree, nice bikes!

cheers guys just finished putting my other race bike together today and pulled the graphics off the other SM ready for the new ones

here it is being built up





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