Original Thumper! TT500

Who is down with the old-school? Anybody have any idea what it might be worth? I have seen some of these go on ebay for up to $1500.00, and for as little as $150, so I don't really know what they are worth. What do you think?


And while I am at it, here is my girlfriends bike. 1982 Yamaha XT250, complete with pink stuff.... She is getting ready for a newer bike, but she says that she will never get rid of this one. That is :) in my book!


While I am at it, here is my current Yama-Armada. From L to R: '98.3 WZ400, '81 XJ400 "Maxim", '82 XT250, and '76 TT500. What do you think?


I think there are way too many rear shock absorbers in that picture... LOL

I wish I had kept bikes from my past... that 10 speed kawasaki ag bike that I rebuilt from a box of parts at age 13... taught me so much about bikes and wrenching in general... the killer CR250 - started me on the road to repeated shoulder dislocations... LOL

Hang onto the old bikes, they are great memories for you... and Kudos to your girlfriend too for being sentimental about what most other women would call "a piece of machinery" or "that pile of junk in the garage" :)


Man that's a sweet collection. I love the XT250! Reminds me of First Blood when Stallone knocked the rider off and made his getaway. Was an 83, just like my XT125. I recently gave my XT125 away to a friend for helping me put on a body lift on my blazer. I would have kept it and fixed it up, but my brother had wasted it on me 2 days before I went in the service. I gave him the keys to take care of it. He goes out on it for an hour, and the headlight is gone, no instrument pod, the turn signals are twisted and broken, and the fork tubes are bent. He tried going over a jump sitting down without gripping the bike with his knees. Man was I POed! So I felt it was ridable to give to a friend, but to restore it would be a nightmare with all the wires hanging to nowhere.

Great bikes. I'm kind of jealous that you have that XT. I could have had one about 6 years back for $500, but a new truck was on deck before another bike.

Your GF is cool for wanting to hang on to it too! :)

Ahhh... the TT500. Brings back memories... of the one that ran headon into me on my minibike.

He he... but I picked up my SL70 and rode home! He had to walk his mangled bike home! :)

My brother owned an XT500 that I got to ride too. What an ill tempered beast!!!

That's a very nice bike. :D It brings back a lot of good souvenirs :) . They were great for hill climb drags. If you could keep you but on the gas tank. :D

For what it's worth, you should keep it. This is a classic. :D

You know, if you stand up the shocks, cut the head angle to 25 degrees, and put 19s on it, they are a lot of fun - especially when turning left.

I have an XT with a 540 kit, cam, 38mm carb, and a low slung megaphone pipe. I am surprised how much snort you can get out of a dinosaur. The XT and TT thumpers are fun bikes and if you are not serious about your roosting, they are an acceptable playbike alternative.

I would normally comment on their reliability, but I grenaded mine two Sundays ago. The cylinder broke in 4 pieces and you could see the steal sleeve through the fins. From what I hear, that is a weakness for them when high compression pistons are installed. Good thing there are plenty of skeletons laying around. I got a stock cylinder for free.

If you ever find an old Yamaha thumper, buy it. They look good sitting next to a WR. Kind of an old versus new thing.

Ride fast, take chances.


1.25 shocks per is not all that bad! Actually, the TT is the ONLY one that has dual shocks in the rear. The Xt250 and the Maxim both have the mono-shock set-up. Neither feel like there was any weight savings though... :D

The Maxim is the bike that I have had the longest. I bought it from my Uncle back in about '95. ($350.00 :) ) I think he was the second owner. I bought it for college transportation, and I think that I have logged over 20,000 of the 36,000 that are on the odo. Shock/forks don't work very well, but the engine runs, so I am going to run it until the wheels fall off!

Thanks for the comments. I think they are all pretty cool too! (Especially the GF!)

Ok, guys. I am freaking out a little bit here...

I just saw a TT500, nicer than mine but not by MUCH!, and the "Buy it Now!" price is $2,500! &%$#@!? This auction just started yesterday, and it is already up to $1,600!

Here it is...

TT 500 on eBay

That thing is nice! The seller is stating that it only has 4 hours of total riding time. Mine is not that, but it really is nice.

Here is another look-see of my bike, this time the aluminum tank is on it...


So, here is the question....

Do I slap mine up on eBay, and ride the crest of this other TT's wave, or do I wait for that one to get over? I bought this one for a song, and I AM looking to be a Capitalist!


If any good eBay seller has some good advice on how I should go about this, I would surely appreciate it.



The bike on E-bay is in no worse condition that yours (as photos go) I have been doing bike appraisals for quite awhile with my favorites being vintage machines. The seller on e-bay is really streching when he indicates that the value of these bikes is $3K.... Only a dedicated collector with a real hard on for this series would even consider paying that ammount. A clean TT500 with no rust, dents, scratches, or other inperfections should be worth about $1,500 to $1,900 in the real world. However as WC Fields once said....There's a sucker born every minute.....

Everything goes as market conditions dictate....Just a couple of years ago I saw a sale of a 1980 Suzuki RS-250 for 2K.....Hell I only paid $980.00 for mine brand new, and it was a beater bike out of the crate......Go Figure.

Yeah... You could make a few dollars here...

Good Luck.

Bonzai :)



This is the FIRST THING that I have ever sold for more that I paid when I purchased!

Sure does feel good!

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