TTR 230 -motocross?

Hi, new here. Great forum. Little background, been riding for 5 years total. 1 year off road experience. I have 3 years road racing experience and ride street on a regular basis.

Anyone take their 230 on the track? How does it do?

I have an old 94 wr250 2t right now. I ride 95% trails and I will see the track maybe 2-3 times/year. The wr is a huge pain in the trails. kickstart only and a very high seat height. I am only 5'7 and kickstarting it in the trails is a pain.

I'm looking to get something with a lower seat height and e-start. Only bikes in my budget are the crf and ttr 230. Would love a new wr250f but $6k is a bit much for a toy. Just looking for something that will be fun on the trails and not fall apart on the track. I will not be doing any serious jumps, I doubt I will get any air at all, haha.

thanks for any input,


I've taken my crf230 on the track and it does just fine. Obviously you don't want to hit any jumps larger than a couple feet because the landings will hurt, but other than that you should be fine.

I've taken my crf230 on the track and it does just fine. Obviously you don't want to hit any jumps larger than a couple feet because the landings will hurt, but other than that you should be fine.

+1 :ride:

The 230s are brilliant trail bikes, passable Hare Scrambles mounts, and rotten jumpers. Suspension travel is too short, damping is insufficient, you will break your frame, blow out your knees, or both if you over-jump the 230's capabilities. But for a 5'7" rider, they will do everything else superbly.

any suspension modifications that would help?

I'll use a ttr230 to follow the beginners who are learning, but I've ruined bike and body taking the 230 at speed over the rough and jump-filled tracks. Of course being smooth helps but the weight and suspension can lead to not so pleasant afternoons ON the dirt if the speeds get out of control.

I was kind of wondering the same thing about this bike.

I'm vertically challenged (5'5") and just started riding last year with a CRF150F. My son wants to do Motocross this year as well as trails and has gotten himself a YZ250F. I need to move up to something a little quicker as well, but both the YZ and the WR are tall bikes. (What is a 50 year old doing starting motocross!) I was thinking about the TTR230 but did wonder about its track performance.

From the information I am hearing here it would be OK as long as you don't go over any significant jumps?

I'm not a speed demon by any means but at the same time there is no point is getting something that just won't do the job.

Just wondering...

I'm 46, and I just got a CRF150RB. Plenty of power and suspension for everything. I'm 5'8" and I just can't ride big bikes. You can make the 150 trail friendly, but it will take some doing, but it's a lot easier to make it trail friendly, than to turn a ttr230 into a motocross bike. (pretty impossible) Mainly, gearing, suspension (stiffer), carb work (pilot and I used a R&D power bowl), Pipe (pro circuit makes a pipe that mellows it out), and possible a Rekluse auto clutch. Other things are higher bars, a triple clamp that moves the bars forward, wider pegs too. You can get a used one and do pretty much everything you need to do to it for about the same price as a new one.

The crf150R might be somthing to consider. Full size MX bikes can be lowered a little too.

ya go with the CRF150. i have a couple friends kids that ride them pretty hard and they have held up great. they are defenitly built for the bigger jumps and bumps.

As I have found out with MXing the smaller TTR125, the lack of a major after market part support chain is a huge consideration that many people over look. It's more expensive to make the usual MX repairs with trail bikes as you will have to go through the bike manufacturer for the most part - so expect to pay through the nose.

Anyway, I've been a part of an organization that had a few Yamaha and Honda 230's race as part of a trail bike class with several CRF150s, DRZ 125s, and TTR 125s... they may not go fast, but they can be just as fun to watch as the all out MXers.


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