New Wheels

Just put my new wheels on, what do you think?




Looks really good, almost like Carmicheals Suzuki did, I always though all manufacturers should either come with black or gold rims stock cause it looks that much better.

Now have fun cleaning.

The wheels really make the bike look good

Oh now THATS sexy! nice man, real nice...


i wouldent be setting a bike that so close to the street, its kida like just egging on a theif, now they know exactly which house to go too....just sayin'....and it a very nice bike too

Factory look, veri nice, put red hubs, and some other red details all over bike.

^^^that would look sick. but dude u gotta badddd bike. i like it

I might add some red or yellow carb vent hoses and radiator hoses eventually, but im not going to do red hubs, i dont like the look of them. Thanks for the comments though.

+1 with the red accessories. Bike looks amazing as it is right now though

those zooks look really nice with gold rims


Cool wheels.... stay off the neighbor's lawn. -Stylin :ride:


Bike is looking sick, Collin. Now, take it down here to Lake Sugar Tree this weekend. :ride:

I agree. Red accents like carb hoses and rad. hoses and that would by far be probably one of the nicest looking rmz's I've ever seen. Good looking bike you have there.

Bike is looking sick, Collin. Now, take it down here to Lake Sugar Tree this weekend. :ride:

I would but its supposed to snow saturday:banghead:

that's a good look.

i've always liked the matching wheel color to the predominant color of the bike. blue wheels on the yami's, red wheels on the honda's...etc. it's pretty cool.

nice looking houses

they look good nice nice

looks very good. very jealous want those for my rm250

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