tricks to getting the header off a 250exc?

hey guys, I am new to KTMs and 2 strokes... and I cant figure out how to take the damn header off to get the dents blown out.

ive got the 2 springs off, as well as the 2 rubber mounts (one under the exhaust and one by the kickstart). ive tried hitting it off with a rubber mallet but it seems to be still attached very solid with something. any help or ideas? I dont want to hit on it too hard just to find out its still bolted in somewhere!


twist a bit and pull hard thats it, it should wiggle right out


my 02 has 3 springs in front

A little wiggle should do it. The only thing left is thet pipe to silencer connection, and the o-rings. Mine just kinda falls off

It may be glued in with silicon and it may be bent a little so its stuck. You just have to get tuff with it. It may help to remove the shock so you can move the stinger end around a little more.

Take the silencer off and that will let you wiggle the pipe more to get it off.

They can be nearly impossible to get off when they get dented too badly. If you look closely at the exhaust manifold you'll see that it's in a bind and pointed the right. Remove the front wheel so you'll have more room to work.

I've had to cut them off before. Cut through the pipe on the left side of the bike and it will come off very easily.

It's a good excuse to upgrade to an FMF pipe that won't bend so easily.

Take the silencer off and that will let you wiggle the pipe more to get it off.

werd. if it's bent bad, it'll be under tension from the silencer. if you remove the silencer, I'll bet you $5 of orbabill's money and a 6 pack of his beer that it pops right off. :ride:

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