neede jet

Can anyone please tell me what is the differents in these two needles NLDT and NLCT.

wright now I have on the bike the NLDT on the 3th position and it bogs when I open the gas fast from low rmps, also tried on 4th position same bog. So I want to try to put the NLCT but do not what position to try first.

please help me.

p.s. my bike is a rmz 250 k8

Do you have anything done to your motor??

The "C" needle is slightly richer comming off-idle. I'm thinking 1 clip up (towards the blunt end) will be more or less equivalent, but you won't get to the tip until closer to WOT.

Not sure you're going to fix an acceleration bog with the needle. Might want to look at AP timing and getting a smaller leak jet in there to give you a longer squirt...


no all stock except for full leovince exoust

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