Super Quick Jetting Question- YZ250---From 6500ft to 2500ft

I know this has been covered but thought I'd ask. I have a 2006 Yz 250 2 stroke. I run 40:1 Max927 premix. Stock pipe, spark arrestor, I think thats it for the motor.

I am racing a rockcrawler out in CA, leaving monday. I will be prerunning on my YZ. I have a bunch of jets, JUST WONDERING WHAT TO THROW IT THERE?

Its about 2500ft above sea level. I would like to run a little rich so I don't pop the motor.


Stock and you will be safe!

Stock and you will be safe!

Concur 100%.

2500ft is not all that high. If it is cool, the air is more dense than in warm weather, so a tad rich should not be a problem.

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