Keep riding the 450EXC or switch?

I've noticed alot of the guys racing harescrambles with me have swapped over to the 300 2smokers, many ride the 250's, but I'm still on my 450EXC.

Should I look to getting a lighter bike, am I missing out on some speed because of the bigger bike. I'm so use to the big 450 helping me out of tight situations when I'm tired and my riding skills start breaking down. I'm afraid I won't be able to "lug" the 2 stroke and that the diff. in weight on the 250 won't be enough to outdo the loss in power.

Anyone had this predicament? Thoughts?

Perhaps I'll just keep riding the 450, I do like that bike!

Make it a 610 & re-evaluate in a year!:ride:

Make it a 610 & re-evaluate in a year!:ride:

:lol: a 610! whewww..I'm afraid I couldn't hold on!

Its supposed to be a tractor, lug, lug, lug!!!

It'll be "different" anyway!

Seriously, my 530 is like that, lug it to the point where you barely have the throttle open & it just digs in & chugs, old style 4t torque until you rev it. Might be fun if you want a change. Everytime I ride our 450 I miss the bottom power of the big bore, really big difference.

A 300 will out lug your thumper any day. I dualsport so i swapped to a 540exc but if i rode dirt only- two stroke. Only one disclaimer. It MUST be jetted to my tastes.

Why does the 300 lug so well?

I haven't done a ton of research it considerably lighter?

One other thing I like that I don't know if I can give up is that magic start button...that is so nice, I don't know how many times that has saved me precious time, including of the starting line.

You don't have to give up E-start, as it has been available on the 300 for some time now.

i drank the kool-aid and purchased the exc for the plate but kept my smoker, i rode my buddies new 09 300 and it was light as a feather and the motor is sewing machine smooth and quiet. faster? depends on what kind of rider you are maybe. i feel a little faster on my yz 250 - ktm handles better when riding fast though so who knows. i do think the faster you ride the less the weight matters.

do a pro/cons list...300 pro=light, snappy, powerful, still has e-start...cons=pre-mix, twitchy, some guys say the are more tired on a 2t.

450 pro=smooth, tractable, smooth, not tireing, smooth...cons=expensive to repair{but quite reliable} heavier{but i dont feel it} ......come up with you own list{ pro for the 450=you already own it}

I have to say I'm kind of in the same quandry. I bought a 530 EXC because I love the big bore power. this last year I decided to start doing some races. I never had a bike that was so capable before my KTM! I do wonder if a smaller bike would be better for the hare scrambles that I like doing. on the other hand I did a hare scramble that had A LOT of sand sections. the big 530 just powered through the sand without having to shift nearly as much as the bikes I was passing. just roll on the gas and it goes! every other bike had to stop after each lap and refuel (laps were 28 miles!) I just kept motoring on. the big bore bike just didnt have to suck down as much fuel to negotiate the sand as the smaller bikes did. I think I just talked myself into staying with the 530!! thanks for all your help! LOL


first race I came back to was nothing but 7mi of deep sand, that 450 just plowed thru it. I was sure glad I had it then. The next race was kind of tight woods, but it was nothing but constant switchbacks, almost made you dizzy. It was hard to stand because there wasn't much clearance in the trees and vines overhead, so you were forced to sit alot.

oh well, I'll keep thinking and looking. Guess I was curious as to everyones thoughts on the differences in bikes.


I have a 525, buddy has a 300 so I get to ride both. I'm not fast and dont race. The biggest difference I can tell is that the 300 keeps you a lot busier. The cat that owns the local KTM joint swears by the 200 for racing and was pretty keen on the new Husaberg, was all he could talk about, said it was an effortless bike, did everything. I'm thinking of picking up a used 200 since I cant yet afford a 690 for adventure work. My buddy that has the 300 has 5 bikes in his garage and that what he would tell you also... a bike for everything.

AND, I will be a witness - the 300 is amazingly torquey, (not sure how to spell that) it has hauled me up a 500 climb with my feet dragging and about to fall off the seat, super low RPMs, can't believe it didn't stall, and all I could do was grab a handful of throttle and it chug,chug,chugged on up... mmmmm, beeeeeer, who said chug. Doh

I'll let my wife read this: "YOU JUST NEED MORE BIKES"

lol...between the kids 3 quads, my 2 bikes, and one of my daughters bikes, I'm afraid one more will cause her to send me packin!


I got a quik ride on a Husaberg 390 and new 2010 TXC250 today.

Whatever you do, don't test ride either. I can't say which impressed me more but that 250 was a big surprise, really big. More of a 2t in every way than anything I've ridden in a long time. Light to the ridiclous & the Husaberg, front end was just planted. So different but each so nice. Both had far more snap than I hoped for too. Unreal.

Did that help?:ride:

Why does the 300 lug so well?

I haven't done a ton of research it considerably lighter?

It will run and not stall BELOW idle. That is lugging! It won't pull hard running two gears high but it won't stall as long as you give it gas.

Lighter on paper and feels lighter than the numbers. I love no decel braking.

Scrounge around and find someone that has one semi local and try it. It may not agree with you as some folks just prefer thumpers.

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