to salvage or not

my 2007 Zook S was bashed in december - bent frame , forks subframe , broken fender ect. I have installed in the last year, talon exell wheels , ebc sm brake , steel braided line , FCR carb , RS-2 exaust , hot cams , TT bash plate , uni-biker rad guards , pro-taper bars , zeta levers , and replaced some of the body work . With 12k miles they are only offering me 5k$ , with 1500$ salvage buy back . The only parts they would give me any money on were the cams for 85$ and 98$ for my new michilin pilots. My best idea right now is to strip parts and take the money , then sell the parts to cover remainder of money owed on bike . If anybody has better ideas , I'd love to hear them . P.S. always wear your gear ! I was riding pasts the local court and jail when the driver pulled out in front of me on my bright yellow Z , high beam on , doing 25 mph . My armor saved my elbows when i slammed into the side of her car ! :ride:

Much love to all TT'ers ! yall have been a great help in the past and when i get rolling again You'll see me more often :lol:

Buy it back. With the $3500 you have left you should be able to find another S. Swap your parts over, sell the spares, and you should do pretty good.

Put all the stock stuff back on it and let them have it. Then sell all the upgrades seperatly.

Or buy it back and sell it all parted out. You should be able to conme out ahead either way.


the 3500 will go to lien holder =(

This is the start of a negotiation......keep that in mind. The adjuster is looking at a blue book figure only. If you have the stock parts, tell them that you will give them the damaged bike with all the stock parts. They either need to give you more money for the wheels and exhaust, or you keep them. That is BEFORE you settle on a price. If the adjuster that you are talking to does not understand or can't make those adjustments, ask to talk to their supervisor. You can get a better number for the settlement. Don't be an a$$ about it, just ask/demand your rights and the best settlement that you can. You should not have to by back the parts that they are not giving you any $$ for.........:ride:

You should be able to get more than the $5000 for the damaged bike with stock parts. You may not even have to put the parts on the bike, they are just going to sell it to a wholesaler, so they don't care if it is assembled or not.

Thanks fer the help guyz ! its a pain , but with a little patience it will all work out =)

Did the other guys have insurance?

I really want to ask the question: why would you have put so much money into a bike that wasn't even yours?

I understand the insurer's position. They probably didn't know about the modifications to the bike, so they were, in essence, insuring a stock DRZ400. With that said, I think replacing the aftermarket parts with stock would be fair for both sides.

My 09 was totalled by my insurance co. last year. I told the adjuster I thought he was way high in the salvage value they wanted for buy back and I needed to do some research.

He called me back and said "the independent company that sets their salvage value came up with a new number". It was less than half of the origanal price.

Donny is right. If you didn't tell them about the mods... then they are only required to pay for a stock bike. AND... if you push them to pay for the mods... you might find yourself on the "High Risk" list with your next bike because you should have been paying higher premiums.

I'm in the motorcycle industry, and I've seen this more than once with American V-twins. I've seen yearly premiums go from a few hundred a year to a thousand because of it.

Pesonaly... I would bolt on all the stock parts, then try to go back to negotiate a better price.

Also... since you still owe $$$ on the bike... you may not be able to buy it back until the lien holder is paid. Once they find out it's been "totaled" they have the right to over turn your decision to buy it back. (by law, it's the bank's bike, not yours) That is one more reason to get your good parts off of it now. You may get a little letter in the mail from the bank, saying to take it to the insurance company's vehicle depot. That doesn't happen very often... but it can. And when it does... you don't have enough time to do get your good parts off.

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Buy it back, sell the parts on TT, pay it all me thats your best bet.

My experience shows that insurance companies could care less about your modifications, and unless you specify them and pay the extra insurance to cover them, you're pretty much out of luck. Best to part it out to make your money back.

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